Staff Solutions

Ask any Golf Course Manager or Managing Director and they will answer “finding staff” when asked about the biggest challenges in the industry. Finding staff for Golf Course Maintenance is getting harder year on year and new solutions are needed to keep up with modern golf course expectations.

Top Tee Greenkeeping has developed a network or contacts and suppliers and works with an external Golf Course staffing Company to provide our seasonal staff requirements. The Staff come from all over Europe with a range of abilities and competence. We get staff at year one and aim to train them to a good standard of work and develop them through the company to mid management positions.

Top Tee Greenkeeping can help with Seasonal staff recruitment as well as for key staff members id needed. We have recruited several hundred seasonal staff over the last 15 years and have learnt the qualities required to make a good team. If our clients feel this is the path that they want to follow we can also highlight the requirements need to manage these staff with training and back up for new or existing managers.

Senior Greenkeeper Recruitment

We can help you find and recruit Senior Greenkeeping staff that will suit your individual situation and budget.

Seasonal Staff Recruitment

We work with a seasonal staffing company with staff from all over Europe. We have experience in the recruitment, administration and training of staff and can pass on our experience to solve your seasonal worker needs.

Specialist Staff

We can also help you recruit specialist staff that are need to fit your unique Golf Course Management needs. We can help find and employ staff for Construction, Irrigation or mechanical staff.

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

Our focus is always on finding the balance of customer expectations and our greenkeeping practices and their effect on the environment.


Our goal is to follow industry best pratices and the greenkeeping code of conduct!


Our practices focus on the long term sustainability of the golf course and its place in the environment.


Our goal is to continually improve our Greenkeeping practices and be at the forefront of industry innovation.


The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority and is the groudwork of our Greenkeeping practices.


Our golf course developments priority is to reduce our the effect of our greenkeeping practices on the environment.