Consultancy Services

Top Tee Greenkeeping has a deep pool of experience in Greenkeeping and golf course development and has personnel with a wealth of experience that can help you with problems big and small. We are able to draw on the collective experience of the group as well as our network of suppliers to offer practical and effective solutions to suit all budgets.

We build our fertility programs in conjunction with our supplier and are able to offer preferential rates for soil fertility analysis as well as Plant leaf testing to get to the root of the problem and also offer follow up support to ensure that our solution is working.

We can also offer mentoring for new Greenkeepers to help them through the early stages of their Greenkeeping career to build confidence and set a positive direction for their development. We offer a modern view of Greenkeeping that is customer focused but not detrimental to the long term sustainability of the Golf Course.

Fertility Programs

Top Tee Greenkeeping works with Industry experts and one of the top fertilizer development professionals in the Scandinavian market.

Our supplier works with a range of fertilizer ans specialist product companys that enable us to development a fertility program to meet you budget.

Our fertility programs focus on plant health as part of an Integrated Pest Management program with the aim to reduce the reliance on chemical solutions.


Problem Solving

Greenkeeping is a multi-skilled occupation which throws up a variety of problems on a daily basis. Whether it be staff issues or breakdowns we can offer a quick and effective solution to keep your Greenkeeping team running!

Our many years of experience on a range of courses and situations has allowed us to see and experience a wide range of issues and problems.

We would like to share our collective experience with your Greenkeeper!

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

Our focus is always on finding the balance of customer expectations and our greenkeeping practices and their effect on the environment.


Our goal is to follow industry best pratices and the greenkeeping code of conduct!


Our practices focus on the long term sustainability of the golf course and its place in the environment.


Our goal is to continually improve our Greenkeeping practices and be at the forefront of industry innovation.


The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority and is the groudwork of our Greenkeeping practices.


Our golf course developments priority is to reduce our the effect of our greenkeeping practices on the environment.